My life with Porn… Story about an obsession

1. First time hands on pornographic material

Since i can remember i was obsessed with female bodies, especially with “private” parts. As a young male, even thru puberty years and in my 20’s and 30’s i was kinda shy, you could say i was insecure in myself. I was athlete during my teens, even good looking guy, but still, i didn’t know how to approach girls. There were even times when my friends would tell me that some girl was interested in me, and yet, i wouldn’t know what to do… Sometimes i hated myself for that. I wasn’t stupid, so accepting myself the way i am, i had to find some other way to satisfy my curiosity and my desires.

Anyway, lets go back to the beginning…

The first source of “food for my fantasy hunger” were my parents Porn magazines. After discovering their porn magazines, i would use every opportunity being home alone to explore around the house looking for their hiding places where they kept those magazines. I was still very young, but i felt “weird” in my groins while looking at those naked female bodies. I would look at those beautiful, naked girls and wonder what would it be like to touch them, kiss them and do all other stuff that grown ups do. At that time, i guess accidentally, i discovered the pleasures of masturbation. There were days when i would masturbate few times during that day.that grown ups do. I remember watching them posing, spreading, and thinking to myself… wow, this must be the whole meaning and purpose of life.

Anyway, my parents didn’t have a large stack of those magazines, so soon i would get bored looking at the same girls all the time…

2. Cable television… Thank you for Karin Schubert

…Then, when i was in my mid-teens we got the Cable television!!! Now, at first there was no Porn channels, only later, after about one year, we would get one Adult channel, and i can still remember, it was called Torrid TV! More on that channel later, but before that the only nudity i was able to see was on those Softcore Erotic movies that were being showed after midnight… Anyone still remembers “Emanuelle”? Starring Laura Gemser and Karin Schubert? Now, Karin Schubert was one hot MILF!!!

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Until this very day, she remained a regular object in my fantasies. I was fascinated with her ripe, mature body, hairy pussy, that slutty face and those whorish eyes… I would jerk off at least few times a week dreaming about fucking Karin Schubert. I believe that was the beginning of my fascination with Mature Women/MILFs. Soon, i began to look at my female mature neighbors in totally new fashion. I remember one blonde, MILF neighbor. She has pretty face and nice, slim body… And now i was fully aware.. no matter if she was someones mother and wife… she is HOT and i would love to see her naked!

Now, back to…

3. Torrid TV

One night, i was switching thru TV channels looking for something watchable, when, in all my surprise and shock i saw a nude girl! Totally naked with bald pussy! I could not believe my eyes! I swear, it took me a minute or two to realize whats going on… It was a real Porn movie! After that, my first thought was that it was some kind of mistake, that some channels got mixed up or something.. But no, it was not a mistake and Torrid TV was back tomorrow after midnight again. I was so happy, it was like a gift from heaven! Finally! I don’t even have to tell that it brought me a countless sleepless nights. But, i had something to enjoy, something to jerk off to. That Adult TV channel brought me into whole new world of Porn: Anal, Lesbians, Hairy Pussies, Old Guys fucking Teens, porn including Sex Toys, and so on… Suddenly, i became obsessed with female asses. I couldn’t get enough of them. While walking down the streets after noticing pretty face on some girl or mature woman, all my attention was brought to her butt. Beside MILF porn, Anal porn became a favorite kind of porn for my taste, and those two was a perfect combination!

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4. Bye bye Torrid TV… Hello VHS Cassettes and Mario Salieri

And then… that day came… Torrid TV was gone! Gone! Nothing! I waited…. and waited… checking for it every night after midnight, hoping it will get back… no luck! It was gone forever, who knows why. What now? All the porn was gone, and Softcore wasn’t doing it anymore for me, it just wasn’t enough. After awhile, i decided it was time to find some other way to get my hands on porn (remember guys, there were no DSL or cable internet back then). So, i start buying local newspapers and searching thru buy/sell section looking for people who were selling Porn on VHS cassettes. This was my new hobby and i was spending most of my pocket money on it. I would call a number and spend few minutes talking to a person on the other side of the line. I think you can imagine how awkward those conversations can be. Anyway after few minutes i would usually place an order. Then i found one supplier which has interesting taste in porn movies. He was more into that Vintage/ Classic porn stuff and i must say i liked that kind of porn very much, so I began to order cassettes from that guy on regular basis. One day i received one cassette labeled “Stavros 2”.

I was amazed! Little did i know back then that it was just another masterpiece from notorious Italian porn producer Mario Salieri. For me, Mario Salieri is a true genius, my favorite porn producer ever. His porn movies are high quality, story-lines are realistic, sometimes even based on true events, girls are beautiful….

Just to mention few of them…


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Watch her movies Here.

Monica Roccaforte,

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Karen Lancaume

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I asked my supplier to send me more of Salieri’s work, but he had only few of his movies in his collection. I found few more interesting producers, but neither one of them was so good as Mario Salieri. More about porn producers and porn actresses in some other post.

Now we come to modern days of porn industry…

5. Internet Porn

Do you guys remember the day when you connected on internet from home for the first time? I do.. Two words: Dial Up. 56k! The beginning! It was painfully slow, but hey, we didn’t know about anything else back then.. It will take a few years before DSL emerges. So, i got the connection to internet and i was starting to get familiar with www. As you can remember, for those who tried to search porn back then, there were no porn sites like today. You could find some naked pics, maybe some small, low quality, streaming video, but that was mostly it. And only small part was available for free. Not to mention that i would pick some virus, trojan or dialer on regular basis while searching for online porn. But, then i found out about P2P file sharing!!! Now, that was something! That older generation will for sure remember Kazaa, WinMX, Shareaza, LimeWire…

WinMX p2p used for porn







Tons of free porn! I believe some of those networks are live even today… The only issue was slow dial-up connection i was using, so sometimes it took me the whole night to download the video i wanted to watch.

And then, finally came ADSL. If i remember correctly, at first i had speed something like 512/128 kb/s. It was nothing compared with today speed, but still, it was like ten times faster than dial-up! Amazing! The whole new world opened in front of my eyes. I was still using p2p for porn download, but now i could download movies in reasonable time and watch them when ever i want. I had my hard drive filled with all kinds of porn. As a true MILF lover, i downloaded all of MILF Hunter videos i could find. I also downloaded all of Mario Salieri’s movies… Anal porn, Lesbian porn, Amateurs… Anything you could imagine! Speaking of amateurs… anyone remembers Backroom Casting Couch? I couldn’t believe how naive those girls were. That guy had fucked some nice pussies!

So, finally the modern era of porn came… Thousands of online porn sites! But, that’s why you are here, right…? No need for explaining further….

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If you are a true amateur panty fetish lover then you are about to enter:

This is a quotation from this guys website, and after seeing its content, i must say i would totally agree! This perverts main fetish are female panties. He gets off by looking up their skirts, jerking on their panties and panty fucking. After years and years searching for porn that would meet my taste, which i btw described in this post, i finally stumbled on this guys site.  But, what was different about this site? Well, after years of watching porn, you kinda get bored of professionally produced porn. Not so many of them have some interesting story-line, it’s always about lonely housewife and plumber, sexy nurse and patient, or something like that. Whatever… Amateur porn? It’s ok, different, but you’ve already seen it all, at least i have.

So, again, what is so different about this site? First of all, it is totally amateur produced content. This is what i would call true reality porn. This horny guy, the owner of the site, somehow manages to find housewives, mothers and wives, which are desperate for money. So he arranges meeting at their own place when their husbands and kids are out. There is something truly exciting about this fact, just knowing that someones good wife or mother is letting some pervert guy in her own house while her hubby and kids are out and allowing him to turn her into his panty fucking slut! This MILFs cheat on their husbands by letting the guy jerk on their panties, panty-fuck them, they suck his dick and on some occasions they even let the guy fuck their asses! This old pervert has also fetish for asses and anal sex. I can totally relate to that!

You can immediately tell that content is genuine, you can hear this guy talking to them the whole time, telling them what to do. I just love to hear the dialogue between them: “Ok, lift your skirt…”, “Now, bend over…””Pull your panties to the side…”. Besides, those are average looking mothers and grandmothers.. Some of them are chubby, the other ones slimmer, but definitely not some fake “amateur professionals”. Her, judge for yourself:

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He updates the content approx once every week or two, which i consider to be fair enough. I mean, just look at the content he produces… its really not easy to find some married woman, talk her into inviting him into her own home and use her as his sex-toy for his secret fetishes. You must admire this guys will and capabilities!

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